Company Profile

Establish in 2003 as a young and innovative enterprise, AbapLab has build a strong reputation
in delivering turn key solutions as well as providing a local shore development structure and team.


This approach has allowed AbapLab's client to gain from last minute availability
through HelpDesk to full project support and implementation.


Innovative Idea?

AbapLab have notice from the beginning that the SAP ABAP Development market was not
well served due to the nature of the local market. 


Items such as:

  • Lack of knowledge or training on new and ever evolving SAP development technology
  • Difficulty for company to hire SAP resources
  • High price of independent consultant
  • Difficulty of having development in a emergency situation

Those elements became the focus of the evolution of AbapLab by training their employees
on the latest technologies, hiring bachelor degree from HEC to insure minimum knowledge of the business,
establishing an on demand HelpDesk and  forming a tight development community within AbapLab's employee.


AbapLab Quality Assurance


Thought the year, AbapLab have defined a team structure allowing Senior Development resource to become
account manager and insuring that all development works is revised.


This approach, having developpers as account manager,  has been the corner stone of the quality of AbapLab's deliverables.


This vision has permit the establishment of a unique quality insurance policy that assure our clients that even
6 months after delivery that any problems created by a miss of AbapLab will be corrected at no charge!


AbapLab ...



  • Development center
  • Remote or Local support
  • All our experts are SAP Certified
  • Perpetual Training
  • Test Lab
  • Development approach in constant evolution
  • Guaranteed Quality Assurance by AbapLab
  • HelpDesk Express on the WEB
  • Client training available in our facility