Frequently Asked Questions

How is Abaplab different from other SAP development consulting firms?

Our major differentiator is our focus on client specific transformation

  • Helping clients define their requirements based on their markets (e.g., deregulation, new competition, convergence of technology, mergers and acquisitions)
  • Develop custom applications based on agile methodology
  • Guaranteed works for a period of 6 months against defects of development for turnkey solutions projects 
  • HelpDesk service for fast unplanned development without having the burden of finding last minutes qualified consultants
  • Staff augmentation or replacement for your peak periods or vacations
  • Covering the entire IT agenda, including corporate portfolio, business unit strategy, and functional strategies with precision, speed, and certainty.

This strategy-based transformation work is more focused on the full IT agenda than the work of most of our competitors.

How is the firm structured?

Abaplab has a straightforward corporate structure:

Our senior staffs are all members of function-focused teams.

The function-focused teams are:

  • Information Technology
  • Operations
  • Organization & Strategic Leadership
Our senior personnel are responsible for clients account and are able to discuss your questions and focus on meeting your objectives.
All works are QAed to insure that it meets your needs the first time.
All works are QAed to insure that they meet your needs from the start.

What does Abaplab look for in an employee?

Abaplab looks for employees with the following general attributes:

  • A high level of general intelligence and academic achievement
  • Real thought leadership, combined with strong analytical and problem-solving skills (which includes both a quantitative and a qualitative orientation)
  • Personal leadership qualities, including an ability to manage people, drive change, and accomplish challenging goals through and with others
  • The ability to work independently, while simultaneously being able to forge productive team relationships
  • Business judgment and maturity, including the ability to develop a "big picture" view and use it Intellectual curiosity
  • Strong personal presence, combined with compelling and professional presentation and communication skills
  • Initiative, personal organization, motivation, and ownership of one’s work.